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Carlo Gasbarri

Carlo Gasbarri

Carlo Gasbarri is Full Professor in Mathematics at the University of Strasbourg, at the Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée (IRMA). He obtained his PhD in Orsay under the direction of L. Szpiro. He works in arithmetic geometry over local and global fields. More specifically he is interested in the structure of rational, integral and algebraic points on algebraic varieties and their interactions with complex analytic geometry, transcendence theory, rigid analytic geometry etc. He worked in Arakelov geometry and its applications in diophantine approximation and transcendence theory: He gave a new, more geometric, proof of Siegel theorem on integral points of hyperbolic curves which is self contained and does not rely on other big theorems as Mordell Weil theorem, Roth theorem or Schmidt subspace theorem. He also worked in the interaction within Nevanlinna theory and transcendence theory and generalized the Bombieri Schneider Lang theorem to maps from an affine variety to projective varieties. His recent interests are toward the diophantine geometry of varieties defined over function fields.

Professor Gasbarri has held post-doctiral positions in Rennes, Oxford, Kohl, Zurich, Rome. He has been Professor for 10 years at the University of Rome Tor Vergata (I) and since 2009 he is professor at the University of Strasbourg. He has been invited professor to many universities around the world.

As part of his Fellowship, Carlo Gasbarri is working on the project Rational Points, Rational Curves and Automorphisms of Special Varieties, together with his collaborators Stefan Kebekus and Gianluca Pacienza.

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