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William Gasparini

William Gasparini

After a Master in Sport Sciences specializing in sport sociology and a Master in Sociology and Ethnology, William Gasparini obtained his PhD in Sociology at the Marc Bloch Strasbourg University in 1995. He was then appointed lecturer in sport sociology and sport organizations at the Faculty of Sport Sciences at the University of Strasbourg. Since 2000, he has been in charge of both the Sport Sciences master degree and a research program in sport organizations sociology. In 2007, he was appointed Professor and became director of the research laboratory “Sport and Social Sciences”, and then appointed co-director of the doctoral school “Social and Human Sciences, European perspectives” at the University of Strasbourg.
>His researches applies a post-structuralist approach to sport and to transformations of the organisation of sport, and on the analysis of the political processes of integration through sport as well as the circulation of sport related notions in Europe. He has managed several research networks on sport research at a European level, published 11 books and more than 50 articles in sociology and sport sciences journals.

As part of his Fellowship, William Gasparini is working on the project The informal Europeanization of sport, Institutional dynamics and social constructions.

Following his USIAS Fellowship, in 2015, the European Commission awarded the Jean Monnet Chair for the School of European Sports Studies to William Gasparini, to carry out research and transmit innovative knowledge on Sport, Europe and European integration. The Jean Monnet Chairs are awarded on the basis of excellence by the European Commission to academic researchers (from all countries of the world) specialized and renowned for European studies.

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