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Michael Reber

Michael ReberMichael Reber obtained his Ph.D. in Human Genetics from University Diderot-Paris, after which he moved to The Salk Institute (San Diego) in 2000 as a Research Associate to study Neuroscience, particularly neural map formation, in Greg Lemke's lab. There he designed and validated a new model of neural map development, the Relative Signaling Model (designated Nature Milestone Collection in 2010). In 2005, Reber obtained an Assistant Professor (CR2) position at INSERM, Strasbourg. In 2007, he returned to The Salk Institute for a 18 months sabbatical where he further validated the Relative Signaling Model. Back in 2009, Reber joined Frank Pfrieger's group at INCI/CNRS – Strasbourg.

As part of his Fellowship, Michael Reber is working on the project Biofunctionalized silk-nanofibers promote neuronal regeneration.

See this article in the University newspaper Savoir(s) on Michael Reber's work.

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