Université de Strasbourg

Cédric Sueur

Cédric SueurCédric Sueur is Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences) at the University of Strasbourg since 2011. He is mainly working on animal behaviour and specifically on social networking and decision-making in animal groups at the Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (IPHC), in Evolutionary Ethology, at the Department of Ecology, Physiology and Ethology. He recently obtained a grant from the French national Research Agency (ANR) on social networks in drosophila. Cédric Sueur is at the head of a network entitled “Social Network Analysis in Animal Societies” linking about ten scientists and member of the council of several societies in Animal Behaviour and Complex Systems.

As part of his Fellowship, Cédric Sueur is working on the project Social networks as a trade-off between optimal decision-making, information transmission and reduced disease transmission.

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