Université de Strasbourg

Carsten Schradin

Carsten SchradinCarsten Schradin studied in Germany and obtained his PhD from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) in 2001, where he also received his habilitation in 2008. Since October 2012 he is working at the IPHC in Strasbourg. In 2001 he established a unique facility, the Succulent Karoo Research Station in South Africa. His decade long field studies include data of 12 generations of striped mice living under changing and challenging environmental conditions. Dr. Schradin has published 50 papers, gave 3 plenary talks at international conferences, and 25 invited talks at universities worldwide. He has successful collaborations in South Africa, Europe and the USA.

As part of his Fellowship, Carsten Schradin is working on the project Eco-Physiology of Cognition: a New and Integrative Research Field.

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