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Susan Robertson

Susan Robertson

Susan Robertson is Professor of Sociology of Education and Director, Centre for Globalisation, Education and Societies at the University of Bristol. Her research broadly focuses on the political nature of education in societies, with a particular focus on the ways in which the education sector is deeply implicated in the re/production of social selves and social relations. She is interested in understanding how education is the object and outcome of converging and diverging policies and practices around the globe.

These include the conceptualisation and development of education as a services sector, the commercialisation of education, and the increased role of for-profit actors in the sector. Her research aims to increase the understanding of transformations in the nature of the state, the creation of new (global and regional) platforms for the advance of education projects, the changing role of teachers’ work, the uneven distribution of opportunities for learners, and the implications of these developments for the social outcomes of education.

USIAS public lecture:
A closer look: The globalisation of Education
Susan Robertson
16 March 2015, Salle de Conférence, MISHA.

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