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Peter Hunt

Peter HuntPeter Hunt (M.A. CU Boulder 1988, Ph.D. Stanford 1994) is Professor of Ancient Greek History at the University of Colorado in Boulder, United States. He studies warfare and society, slavery, historiography and oratory. His first book, Slaves, Warfare and Ideology in the Greek Historians (Cambridge 1998), discerns a conflict between the extent of slave and Helot participation in Greek warfare and the representation of their role in contemporary historians. His second book War, Peace, and Alliance in Demosthenes' Athens (Cambridge 2010), uses the evidence of deliberative oratory as evidence for Athenian thinking and feelings about foreign relations. It was reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement and won the Kayden Prize (University of Colorado).

In addition to various articles and reviews, he has contributed to The Oxford Handbook of Demosthenes, Brill's Companion to Thucydides, the Oxford Handbook of Thucydides, The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare, The Cambridge World History of Slavery, and The Cambridge History of the World. His third book, a survey on Ancient Greek and Roman Slavery, has just come out this year from Wiley Blackwell.  Among other current projects, he is beginning work on the Athenian “frontier” in Thrace.”

Professor Hunt visited USIAS in July 2018. During his visit, he interacted with researchers at CARRA (Centre d'analyse des rhétoriques religieuses de l'Antiquité) and Archimède (Archéologie et histoire ancienne: Méditerranée-Europe). In addition he participated in the International conference The Athenian Funeral Oration: 40 Years after Nicole Loraux (9-11 July 2018).

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