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Camillo Padoa-Schioppa

Camillo Padoa-SchioppaCamillo Padoa-Schioppa is Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Economics and Biomedical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. His research focuses on the cognitive and neuronal mechanisms underlying economic choice and decision making. Work in his laboratory combines behavioural, neurophysiological and computational techniques, focusing in particular on single-cell recordings in non-human primates. Professor Padoa-Schioppa is the author of numerous articles in a variety of scientific and social science journals including Annual Review of Neuroscience, Cognition, Economics and Philosophy, Journal of Neurophysiology, Journal of Neuroscience, Nature, Nature NeuroscienceNeuron, and others.

During his visit in June 2019, Professor Padoa-Schioppa is an invited speaker at the workshop Neuroeconomics: studying decision-making in an economic context, co-organised with Neurex – the Neuroscience Upper Rhine network.


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