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Andrew Milne

Dr. Andrew Milne Andrew Milneis a Senior Research Fellow in Music Cognition and Computation, and leader of the Music Science Lab at the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, Western Sydney University, Australia. His research is at the interface of music, cognitive science, mathematics, computing, and their implications for education and well-being.

He received his PhD in 2013 (The Open University, UK) and has published 48 peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings, and book chapters. His recent research has included cross-cultural music cognition (including on-site field experiments in a remote Papua New Guinean community), the cognition of familiar and unfamiliar (microtonal) harmony, cognitive mechanisms and mathematical models related to the perception, performance, and algorithmic generation of complex rhythms. He is a musician, composer, and occasional performer, and has developed several music software applications (including the widely used XronoMorph rhythm generator), and designed and built new musical interfaces in public art, therapeutic, and educational settings.

He is hosted by, and working with 2017 USIAS Fellow, Dr. Moreno Andreatta at IRMA – the Institute for Advanced Mathematical Research of the University of Strasbourg - to develop new tools for computer-assisted music composition applicable to different genres (from tonal popular music to more sophisticated modal and non-tonal styles). The simplicity of the gestures required to operate the software means it should also lower barriers to music composition/generation for novices and for creatives with physical disabilities.

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