Université de Strasbourg


Kyoto Lectures: In order to celebrate 20 years of close ties between the University of Strasbourg and the Kyoto University, USIAS is hosting a number of highly acclaimed academics from Kyoto University to speak in Strasbourg.

USIAS Distinguished Lectures: renowned, top-level scientists are invited by USIAS to Strasbourg to speak for a large audience.

USIAS Public Lectures: researchers coming to Strasbourg as part of the USIAS short visit program give lectures open to the general public.

USIAS Fellows seminars: at the monthly Fellows seminars, USIAS Fellows meet and present their work to other USIAS Fellows for discussion. 

USIAS short visits: USIAS offers the possibility of short visits by researchers from outside to come and collaborate with the research community in Strasbourg, often involving giving a public lecture.

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