Université de Strasbourg


USIAS Distinguished Lectures: renowned scientists are invited by USIAS to Strasbourg to speak for a large audience.

USIAS Public Lectures: lectures open to the general public by academics visiting Strasbourg

USIAS Fellows seminars: at the monthly Fellows seminars, USIAS Fellows meet and present their work to other USIAS Fellows for discussion. 

Kyoto Lectures: a series of lectures in Strasbourg by highly acclaimed academics from Kyoto University, at the occasion of 20 years of close ties between the University of Strasbourg and the Kyoto University.

Annual symposia: every year, the new USIAS Fellows are presented to the Strasbourg academic community at a symposium with a keynote lecture by and invited eminent academic.

USIAS short visits: USIAS offers the possibility of short visits by researchers from outside to come and collaborate with the research community in Strasbourg.

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