Université de Strasbourg


Permanent chairs

Nalini Anantharaman - Chair of Mathematics
Pierre Chambon - Chair of Molecular Genetics and Biology
Thomas Ebbesen - Chair of Physical Chemistry of Light-Matter Interactions, Director of USIAS
Jules Hoffmann - Chair of Integrative Biology
Georges Kleiber - Chair of Language Sciences
David Le Breton - Chair of Anthropology of Contemporary Worlds
Jean-Marie Lehn - Chair of Chemistry of Complex Systems
Jean-Louis Mandel - Chair of Human Genetics
Jacques Marescaux - Chair of Image-Guided Mini-Invasive Surgery
Sylviane Muller - Chair of Therapeutic Immunology
Roland Recht - Chair of Art Historiography
Jean-Pierre Sauvage - Chair of Chemical Topology and Molecular Machines, Honorary Chair

Associated Chairs

Clément Sanchez - Chair of Chemistry of Ultradivided Matter

Former Chairs

Guido Costamagna - Chair of Digestive Endoscopy (Associated Chair, 2015-2018)
Mariano Giménez - Chair of Percutaneous Surgery (Associated Chair, 2018-2020)
Philippe Horvath - Chair of Cellular and Molecular Biology (Honorary Chair, 2016-2018)
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