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A Nobel gesture for Covid-19 vaccination

02 February 2021

In order to highlight and show their confidence in the effectiveness of the new vaccine, three French Nobel Prize winners from the University of Strasbourg, all of whom are permanent Chairs at USIAS, were vaccinated against the coronavirus on 18 January 2021 at Strasbourg's New Civil Hospital. 

Jean-Marie Lehn, Jules Hoffmann and Jean-Pierre Sauvage collectively rolled up their sleeves to receive their first shots as part of a campaign launched by Professor Alain Fischer, Chairman of the French Advisory Board for Vaccine Strategy. The concept is to show eminent scientists receiving the vaccine, in order to boost public confidence in the safety and efficiency of the serum. Jules Hoffmann, who is a renowned expert in immunology, expressed his conviction that, as the mechanisms of the vaccine are known, we can trust in its reliability.

vaccinations trois prix Nobel

The three Nobel winners join other famous scientists, political leaders and celebrities across the globe who make their vaccination public in an effort to reassure people that it is a secure way to actively combat the coronavirus pandemic.

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Crédit images: https://www.unistra.fr/actualites-unistra/universite/vaccination-trois-prix-nobel-strasbourgeois-montrent-lexemple

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