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Georges Kleiber’s latest book

18 June 2019

Georges Keiber, USIAS Chair of Language Sciences, is co-editor of the volume Les sciences du langage et la question de l’interprétation (aujourd’hui) (The sciences of language and the question of interpretation (today)), with Guy Achard-Bayle, Maximilien Guérin et Marina Krylyschin. These proceedings from the international biennial conference of the Association des Sciences du Langage (ASL) 2017, were published by Éditions Lambert-Lucas in December 2018.


About the book

The concept of interpretation, its sense and logical, hermeneutical and philological usage, is familiar to philosophers and literary scholars, yet has only recently been broached by linguists. This is not only because the sciences of language, in the social sciences and humanities, is a relative newcomer, but also and above all because the concept of meaning was its priority. However, a growing concern with context that has influenced semantics could not leave linguistics indifferent to the reverse side or effects of the construction of meaning, how it is shared and interpreted.

The ASL conference brought together contributors from diverse fields, such as referential and lexical semantics, semiotics, argumentative and interactional pragmatics, text linguistics, discourse analysis, analogic linguistics, text analysis of poetry and - more widely - literary texts and their translations.

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