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08 October 2014 Annual Symposium 2014

At the occasion of the welcome ceremony of the new USIAS Fellows 2014, Professor Roland Recht, USIAS Chair in Historiography of Art, will give a conference on 1914-1918: World War I and Revolutions...[more]

10 September 2014 Thomas Ebbesen receives the Kavli Prize

On September 9, Thomas Ebbesen received the Kavli Prize 2014 from His Majesty King Harald of Norway at the Kavli Prize Award Ceremony in Oslo, Norway. Thomas Ebbesen is director of USIAS and holds...[more]

01 September 2014 Publications récentes

28 August 2014 USIAS Conference Cooperation and Evolution

On 1 October, world-renowned experts in the field share and discuss their insights on the relationship between evolution and cooperation, to jointly reflect on possible implications. Go to the...[more]

13 June 2014 Strasbourg selects 20 new fellows at the Institute for Advanced Studies (USIAS)

Press release in PDF The University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS) has selected 20 new Fellows in its annual call 2014. In the coming 2 years, the 20 Fellows will work on 16...[more]

02 June 2014 Thomas Ebbesen, laureate of Kavli Prize

Thomas Ebbesen, USIAS Chair of Physical Chemistry, Professor at the Institute of Supramolecular Engeneering and Sciences (ISIS) and director of USIAS is laureate of the Kavli Prize for his work on...[more]

30 January 2014 French President Hollande in Strasbourg

President of France was visiting the University of Strasbourg on 30 January 2014. François Hollande spent few hours in Strasbourg, mostly at the University. Apart from local politicians and...[more]

10 January 2014 Roland Recht, chairman of AIBL

Roland Recht, USIAS Chair in the Historiography of Art, has been elected chairman of the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, succeeding Mr Jean-Marie Dentzer. He gave his inaugural speech at...[more]

13 December 2013 USIAS Annual Symposium

USIAS organised on 13 December 2013 its Annual Symposium on the topic of Essence in Science. Programme of the event is available here.[more]

09 December 2013 EUCOR 2013 medal to Jean-Marie Lehn

The EUCOR 2013 medal was awarded to USIAS Chair Jean-Marie Lehn, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1987. It was handed to him on Monday 9 December at Freiburg im Breisgau by Professor...[more]

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