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Past events

18th USIAS Fellows Seminar - Accumulation and stabilisation of Provitamine A

November 18, 2015

USIAS Fellows : Peter Beyer and Philippe Hugueney Directly or indirectly, all of the vitamin A consumed by humans derives from plants in the form of provitamin A (ß-carotene). Vitamin A deficiency...[more]

Conference - Corporate Strategy and Resource Redeployability

From November 2, 2015 until November 3, 2015

Salle de conférence, MISHA, Strasbourg This conference will explore how multi-business firms might create value by redeploying resources across their multiple business units. Resource redeployment...[more]

17th USIAS seminar - Pathways for pain therapy

September 17, 2015

By USIAS Fellow 2013 Matilde Cordero-Erasquin Chronic pain continues to be the single most common cause of disability that impairs the quality of life, accruing enormous socio-economic costs. In the...[more]

Conference Functional supramolecular architectures: from molecules to materials

October 12, 2015
From 09:00 until 16:30

Salle de Conférence, ISIS, Strasbourg The use of self-assembling molecules to build functional materials through labile and non-covalent interactions allows complex structures to be simply...[more]

Conference - Body, religion and diversity

From September 30, 2015 until October 1, 2015

Salle de conférence, MISHA Co-organised with DRES and the MISHA research programme (Dé)constructions du communautarisme religieux, by Lionel Obadia (USIAS Fellow 2014), as part of the USIAS project...[more]

16th USIAS Fellows Seminar - Ancient Greek war writing: Why is it still interesting and how can it be useful?

September 29, 2015

Edith Foster, Fellow 2014, Case Western Reserve University The ancient Greek historians Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon wrote the history of a continuous period in the 5th and 4th centuries BCE....[more]

Lecture: Governing Education: the rise of data

September 21, 2015

Jenny Ozga, Professor of Sociology of Education, University of Oxford Salle de Conférence, MISHA5, allée du Général Rouvillois, Strasbourg Data have become the lifeblood of education governance. At...[more]

Journée d'étude: Text, Image and Historical Interpretation

July 3, 2015

The interest in visual and material culture in the past is growing, as it provides valuable additional source material adding dimensions to our understanding beyond what can be grasped from written...[more]

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